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Different Types Of Child AbuseChild abuse is a problem that is widespread but still tends to be elusive. It is because of the fact that children cannot always express and sometimes even don’t know that they are being abused. Parents also tend to hush up such matters. However, with the sensitization of society in this regard, this problem is now being discussed like never before. Let’s discuss about this grave problem. Child abuse can manifest itself in four basic forms. Following are the all four different types of child abuse and neglect:

Psychological, Emotional or Mental Child Abuse

Any attitude, talk or expression that is demeaning and degrading for your child falls in this category. If your child has been screamed at, called names or called inferior to other children, he is a victim of emotional abuse. Any kind of emotional abuse has a long-lasting effect on the all round development of your child.

Neglect Child Abuse

If the basic needs and requirements of a child are not being fulfilled, he is a victim of neglect. If a child does not get proper affection, care, food, clothing, medicine or supervision, he can be called a neglected child.

Physical Child Abuse

Any injury or wound that is inflicted on the child with intention falls in this category. Acts like beating, aggressive shaking, chocking, kicking, biting etc. fall under this category. If your child suffers from a lot of wounds, marks and cuts, you must be watchful, as this may be a case of physical abuse. Although children keep on getting hurt, yet if you find a pattern of wounds or marks on your child’s body that can’t be accounted for, you should keep a strong eye on your child or consult a social service agency or a child specialist.

Sexual Child Abuse

It is defined as any act of sex between a child and an adult. It is not necessary that the act of intercourse should take place to make your child a sexually abused child. Even if your child has been forced to see or participate in any kind of sexual act, you can report to the police about it.

Most of the children do not tell about any kind of the sexual abuse mentioned above because they are afraid or ashamed, do not understand the nature of abuse and sometimes are convinced that the abuse is their own fault. For all these reasons, the cases of child abuse are not detected at the right moment and in the right number.

Signs or Symptoms of Child Abuse

The potential indicators that your child is facing abuse include, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, anger, low self-respect, nightmares, weight loss, and withdrawal from the society in general or family and friends in particular.

Children can be abused by their own parents as well. If the parents are poor, are under depression or are addicted to some kind of drug, they may indulge in such kind of shameful activity. Parents who don’t keep the medical records of their children or don’t stay at one place intentionally may also fall under this category. Actually, it’s a kind of sadistic pleasure that grownups want to get from the helpless children in one way or the other. So, educate yourself as well as your children and never ignore or overlook any case of child abuse but report straight away to the police.  Next time your child may become the victim.