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A sweet, smiling, boney baby is dream of every couple. But just being a mother and father is not completion of duty. Duty begins after a baby comes in this world.

Practically children need parent until the age of 18 years and up to this age legally also they are children. So taking care of children up to this age physically, emotionally, medically and educationally is duty of parents. Failing any of these duties come under child negligence.

Children are neglected not only by parents but they can be neglected by step parents, day care centre personnel, in school or by relatives to whom the child depends.

When a child depends on caretaker, relatives unwillingly taking care of, a day care centre or an orphanage are neglected purposely, however parents neglect unknowingly. Sometimes due to lack of awareness, if the parents are not of a mature age or they are illiterate. It may be due to poverty or sometimes due to busy routine of parents. Whatever the reason may be, but the sufferer is the poor child.

Not providing basic amenities to survive comes under physical negligence. Sufficient food, nutritious diet, clothing and any physical need are basic requirements. This type of negligence can affect health and growth of the child. The child can fell ill seriously, may be fatal too or any serious health problem can come on surface in the grown up years. Negligent supervision is also physical negligence. If not attended the baby can fall from height, cut or burn himself, consume something toxic, may get electric shock or can undergo any other serious accident. Physical negligence is the most serious type of negligence. It should be handled seriously by law.

Some children are provided with all the needs and luxuries but there is nobody to love, to talk to hug and to spend time with. Its also a type of negligence, emotional negligence. When a child can’t share his/her feelings with parents, becomes emotionally disturbed, and development of personality is hampered. Such children can develop psychological problems like separation anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, depression, lack of confidence etc. To satisfy their emotional need they look outside and fell prey of bad company, drug abuse, alcohol, smoking and many other unhealthy habits. The busy parents should think about their responsibility and carve some quality time for their child. Some parents don’t understand the importance of emotional need, because they have suffered same type of negligence in their past. Mostly this type of negligence is faced by children in child care centre, in schools or in orphanage. So these centers should be under strict government supervision. Violation of any rule should be punishable strictly.

Not giving proper and timely medical aid is under medical negligence. Children should be checked up regularly and vaccinated timely. Parents often ignore any health problem of the child and doesn’t take complain of the child seriously, and treat it in their own way. The problem becomes serious. Poverty is also a hurdle in the way of providing proper treatment. Sometimes medical negligence leaves behind some unrepairable loss. Basic education is also right of every child. But even now a good percentage of children are deprived of it. Again the main reasons are poverty and illiteracy. In many countries gender bias is prevalent. Female children are debarred from education.

Children are future of any country. Parent’s society’s and government’s joint effort can make their future bright.