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SIDS or the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the most unfortunate and heartrending things that sometimes happen to newborns. SIDS is said to have taken place when the baby dies before the age of one year and there is no evident cause of his death also. Though the exact reasons of SIDS are not known, it is debated that it is because the recovery mechanisms of the baby are not fully developed. If the baby is sleeping face down and his breathing is hindered for some time, he may become the victim of SIDS. The baby is not able to recover himself from the state of obstructed breathing.

Safe baby sleeping to prevent SIDS

In the first year it is advised that the babies must be made to sleep on their backs. If you make them sleep sideways, keep one arm of the baby forward so that he does not roll over on his stomach. You can also keep foam wedges on either side of the baby. You also should not make your baby’s bedding too soft and fluffy. Don’t cause the temperature of your baby to rise by over clothing him. Also, don’t smoke in the baby’s vicinity nor allow anybody else to do so.

How to prevent SIDS ?

It has been seen that cases of SIDS have been greater in those families that have two very small babies. So, plan your next baby at least after your first baby has attained the age of 1-2 years. Avoid keeping toys, blankets etc. at the place where your baby is sleeping. Many a time it happens that a small amount of cold starts giving sleepless nights to the parents. They over-protect their baby and over-wrap him. As a result the baby’s temperature rises a lot and he is not at all comfortable in his sleep. SIDS has been found to occur in such cases also. So, keep in mind that if the temperature of you room is good enough for you, it is also fine for your baby.

Breastfeeding helps to avoid SIDS

Yes, this is also a very effective method to avoid SIDS. What happens is that the natural antibodies in the mother’s milk dramatically reduce the chances of infections in the respiratory and the gastrointestinal system. Nature takes care of us very well.

Monitor SIDS, causes and risks

It has been found that premature babies and babies that are the second child of the mother who is only in her teens, have increased chances of having SIDS. Similarly, babies who have had their sisters or brothers suffer from SIDS also prone to SIDS. You got to be extra cautious in such cases. You can spend some money and buy a monitor known as the Apnea monitor. This instrument keeps a check on the heart rate and the breathing pattern of the baby. If either of these slackens, an alarm is sent out and you can check on your beloved baby.

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