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Slow parenting means parenting of children in the contact of nature without any interference of materialistic influence. We can also term it as ‘self raising’. Those were the days, when raising children was not a matter of planning. But today when to plan a baby, what will be their parenting style, everything is preplanned. So the decision of their parenting style has also been taken prior. Some parents believe on slow parenting whereas others raise question about the safety and surety of the child.

In slow parenting children are allowed to do what they think proper and parents just keep a watch over the child. Curiosity of the child leads to explore and discover things. Parents provide little help only where its too necessary, otherwise keep themselves away from the child and just have a look on him/her. This brings about a feeling of self dependency and they are encouraged to solve their problem.

This is a natural way of learning. When a child is left to learn in a natural environment, the child’s natural development takes place. Influence of any materialistic way doesn’t let the mind develop naturally. Watching TV, playing video games or joining classes of dance, swimming or any other sports will not let the mind to develop naturally.

Here creativity of their mind is developed. They explore ideas. The logic behind this is that the kids of animals learn by nature, so can our kids too. So let our children play in garden, to watch flowers, plants, birds, butterfly and other gifts of nature. In the classes of dance, swimming etc their creativity is influenced and their natural creativity is suppressed. In these classes they are over burdened and can’t enhance their creativity. So let them play in open air or garden without any burden instead of joining classes.

Generally parents give toys to their children and explain how to operate it. But those parents who believe in slow parenting give toys and observe how the child is managing it. Their skill to learn and understand comes out. May be the process is slow, but it will be their exploration, which will make them self dependent, and self capable to learn.

Self dependency makes children confident. Decision making capacity is developed in them. In authoritative parenting, children are ordered by parents and they have to obey it. They have to live according to their parents’ wish. This results in stress and behavioral problems. They couldn’t deal with problems and stress and give up easily. A confident and self reliant personality couldn’t be developed. They depend on their parents for every thing.

Children raised under slow parenting develop a capacity in them to face troubles. Therefore they are capable to lighten any trouble. Though there are many advantages of slow parenting, nevertheless all parents do not agree. Let us hope one day all can understand its advantage.