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Reading is a good habit. A child learns a lot when he sees pictures in the books. A child often raises a series of questions when he sees something interesting in books. Even if we answer all his questions we can’t satisfy him because his imagination is much wider than us.

Parents are the first teacher of a child. Child learns his first lesson from his mother. So you should spend a good quality time with your child. Encourage him to read books. If you read something in front of him, he also asks for that book. Children are good imitators. You should develop reading habit for your child’s better future. As we all know, good books are the best friends.

A preschool library is the latest phenomenon in child education. It includes many pictorial books related to alphabets, poems, numbers, shapes, colors, vegetables, animals, body parts, activities etc. It provides a wide range of books to your child and this develops his interest in reading. You can read stories to him from books. You can also create new stories with the help of pictures in the book. Children learn many activities from books.

You don’t need special place for a preschool library. Just create some place in your own library and make a child section in it. While choosing books the age of the child should be kept in mind. Books should be of an appealing nature. Children must enjoy the books and so these should be of his interest.

A preschool library also helps teachers to make effective lesson plans. Students enjoy those lessons in which teachers use visual aids. The new ideas of making study effective also come from books available in the preschool library.

To teach student alphabets and other activities, stories and pictures can be used. There are so many story and rhyme books that play a primary role in child education by using alphabets or number themes like one- two, buckle my shoe; three- four, shut the door and so on.

Teachers should repeat each and every alphabet or number in different ways with the help of different pictures. It helps a child to make association between activity, alphabet, preschool craft and lesson. One of the best benefits of using a preschool library is that you can integrate many additional areas of learning. Your imagination also plays an important role in tailoring your theme by using visual aids.

It is the first 5 years in which your child learns a lot. With the help of a preschool library you can expand his vocabulary as well as his knowledge. Children books were very popular in old days when we were children. But the concept of preschool library is totally new. My child is only three years old but he has his library card to get books issued form his school. With the help of good books we can shape the future of our child as we desire.