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Clothes make a man and the same can be said for a child. A well dressed child is liked by all and the dress sense also reflects upon the character of the parents and the child. It is due to this reason that the mothers are quite particular about what the child should wear while going to school. For the child to be well dressed it is not essential that expensive dresses should be made available to child. Ordinary dresses of matching colors suitable to the child of a particular age and color will do.

It is often heard from mothers of school going children that every day they face the problem of dressing up the children for school. Small school going children are often undecided about the morning dress. Mothers consider dressing up the children a nightmare. Even if at night the child agrees to go to school wearing a particular dress, chances are that next morning he will change his mind and again create the same problem for the mother.

Though it is essential to listen to the child but you being the mother have to be heard. The child should listen to you and this is necessary to discipline him or her. It is essential that you are in control of the child and not the other way round. Consulting the child is good but the child has to develop the habit of obeying the parents.

To overcome this daily morning problem it is essential to develop dress rules in consultation with the child. Decide about the color of clothes for a particular day and as far as possible stick to it. The clothes of the child should be clean, well pressed, folded or hung in hangers.

It will be good if the child is associated with the task. While deciding about clothes, decide on accessories like shoes, hanky, school bag etc. Even if you have decided about clothes for the next day they should not be placed outside or near the bed of the child, take them out just before they are to be worn.

Another important thing to be remembered is, if the child is in the habit of creating unnecessary fuss do not give him more time in the morning to think about the clothes. Just get him ready when it is time to move out. Once the rule is made and followed, it will have impact on many aspects of life of the child.