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All parents hope that their child remains healthy and does not require surgery ever, but sometimes it becomes a necessity. The duty of preparing a child, both mentally and physically for surgery, falls on the parents. The child will be traumatised no doubt, your explanations and calming presence notwithstanding.

A surgery often necessitated in young children is tonsillectomy. The children who suffer from repeated ear infection, sore throat and cold, require this surgery especially if the tonsils remain swollen and red. Homeopathic medicines like Merc. Sol and some Ayurvedic medicines are quite effective if they suit the child. They can cure the child within six months so they may be tried before opting for surgery. If the child is uncomfortable at night, prop him up with the help of pillows so that his head is raised. This will make breathing easier.

However, if you have decided to go in for surgery then the surgeon will want the child to undergo blood tests. These will be for blood group, haemoglobin level, coagulation time, diabetes and haemophilia. These will ensure a safe recovery and quick recovery, as the doctor will be aware of the precautions to be taken.

The pre and post surgery procedures will not be comfortable for the child, so counsel him as well as you can. The child will be required to eat a light and early dinner on the night before the surgery. Food and water will have to be restricted after that or it may induce vomiting post surgery, when the child comes out of anaesthesia. The doctor will meet the parents and explain the procedure and the time that will be taken. He will examine the child once again.

If your child shows much anxiety, it is better to talk to the doctor before hand who can then give a relaxing medicine on the night preceding the hospital visit. Otherwise the anaesthesiologist will give some medicine to relax the child some time before he is taken to the operation theatre. The operation will last for about fifteen minutes and the child will then be taken to the recovery room.

After a few hours he will be allowed to go home. He should refrain from talking for a day or so. Soft and cold foods like ice cream, jelly and cold custard should be given for about a week. Pain medication will be needed for a few days. If the child gets fever or there is any bleeding from the wound notify the doctor immediately. After two weeks the surgeon will examine the child and if there is proper healing, normal food will be allowed.