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whooping cough children infantWhooping cough or pertussis is a disease which can be cause of worries for the parents. It may occur in children under the age of one year. The vaccination against whooping is given to the child to prevent this disease to occur. It can be very dangerous if it is not controlled earlier. There are various causes of this disease which must be known to every parents to take treatment to heal the problem before it is too late.

Whooping Cough Causes

  • It is caused by bacteria and is one of the most contagious infectious disease.
  • Children who are infected with cough or cold should be kept away from non-vaccinated children.
  • Airborne droplets can transfer the disease and spending time the same room with infected person can cause ailment.
  • It is infectious from the first sneeze and can last up to eight weeks.
  • Non-vaccination will result in serious problem.
  • The child can get infected after playing with the non-vaccinated children.

Whooping Cough Symptoms

1. Cold with mild, dry, irritating cough.
2. Typical cough bouts occur after one to two weeks.
3. A heaving whooping sound may be experienced in the breathing.
4. The phlegm will come out with the cough and vomiting can start.
5. Body temperature of infant may get raised.
6. Cough can be very distressing for the child and the parents.
7. The coughing attack can occur to the child nearly fifteen time daily to last up to twelve weeks to pose problems.


There is no medical treatment which can be given to ease whooping cough but some antibiotics may be used to get relief. The infectious time may be reduced by taking these medications.

Vaccination must take place at the age of two, three and four months to prevent the ailment. Booster vaccination may be given at the age of three years and five years to protect the child from this disease. The protection is almost hundred percent after the two vaccinations, from this dangerous disease.

The children with asthma problem need to be monitored constantly under the advice of a doctor.

Prevention and Precautions

  • Vaccination must be given at right time to prevent the disease.
  • Don’t let the infant to mix with infected children.
  • Avoid admit the child  under one year age in the hospital, with infected children unless there is whooping cough in the child.
  • No special treatment should be give at home.
  • Admit the child in the hospital immediately under the care of the doctor if the situation is sever.
  • Vaccine called DTAP is quite safe to protect the child from whooping cough and is given at the age of two, four, and six months of age.
  • Complete all the doses of it between the age of fifteen to eighteen months and again at the age of four and six years  to protect the child.

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