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Children are very dear to parents. Parents accept every demand of their children without any grumble. We laugh, when they hit us or call us by our name. We welcome whatever they do, whether positive or negative. But with the passage of years, parents start saying “No’ when they find something wrong with their child’s behavior. This is the starting time of the problem of misbehavior. Misbehaviour is a negative expression of the child towards the boundaries sanctioned on him.

You should know the difference between misbehavior and mischief. There is a very thin line between misbehavior and mischief. Naughtiness can be appreciable but misbehavior is not. You should also know the right time of reaction over misbehavior. If you always react sternly, it will make your child dull and feeble, but if you ignore him always, it can lead to serious problems. Parents should behave intelligently to deal with the misbehavior of their child. You should react immediately and very strongly if the child’s misbehavior crosses the limits. It helps to create balanced development of habits in a child.

You should talk with your child about what is going on in his mind. Listen to him and try to understand his psychology. Recognize the problem and help your child find answer to his problem. Sometimes children misbehave for attracting the attention of parents. Sometimes they misbehave because they need something from you, sometimes they want to show their existence and sometimes they misbehave because they start thinking that they are big enough to take their decisions by themselves. You should deal with the child patiently. Sometimes children misunderstand the parents and react in an off beam manner. Make clear your position without any ego coming in between. It will help to put together a healthy relationship.

Check your child’s friend circle and the people around him.  May be your child has indulged in the company of a friend who often misbehaves with others. It’s also very common for a child to misbehave with parents by way of imitation. T.V. serials also play a role in the misbehavior of the child. Children copy the cartoon characters like Shin Chan, Asari chan etc. and misbehave with parents.

You should find the cause of the problem and deal with the problem smartly. What happens next, what you should do, what will be the impact of that solution on the growth and confidence of your child, etc. are the many questions to be thought about. You can surf the Internet for help too. You can take the help of teachers, psychologists and other parents. You should also check your behavior first. It can be at fault also.

You can improve the bad habits of your child with an admixture of love and punishment. Always try to react patiently but if the child is not showing signs of improvement, you can give some punishment. Mind it, punishment should not be harsh in nature.