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Listening to music is considered a good thing. Indeed it is. Scientific studies have proven so. Music has so many good effects on our body, mind, mood and psyche that this world would certainly not have been a good place without music. In case of children also music is of utmost importance because they are in the formative years and ought to have good impressions instilled in them.

  • Every parent is worried about his child’s intelligence. Effect of music in children is awesome. Studies have proved that children who have a good exposure to music tend to have more intelligence than children who have no interest in or are averse to music. This is because the brain gets stimulated by the rhythm and tone of music.
  • Music also has soothing effect on your children and relieves them from stress. It’s not a matter of surprise that music has been considered beneficial for pregnant ladies and the child they carry in their womb.
  • Some children are very gloomy by nature. They seem to be lost in their own thoughts and don’t take interest in their surroundings. In such cases a technique known as ‘music therapy’ comes to their rescue. It revives their mood and instills a new kind of spirit in them.
  • Music is also a universal language and children ought to learn it. Our world has become a global village owing to revolution in science and IT. People are getting more and more interested in other cultures and countries. To this effect music comes to their aid as it helps them in understanding alien cultures. So, music like ‘language’ is ‘power’ and you should not devoid your child of this power.
  • Music is important for children going to play schools, in fact it is very useful as well. Musical rhymes and songs have proved more than successful as far as the learning of your playway-school going child is concerned. Even in primary school when study material is combined with good visuals with music, it leaves a better impression on the child’s mind. Children not only develop interest in the lesson but are able to grasp it with lesser effort.
Parents should encourage the role of music with their kids
  • Small infants attract to the musical voice easily and concentrate towards that music source immediately. Parents should take it as an opportunity to calm down their fuzzy child. You can play a light melody for little infant whenever needed.
  • Musical games and toys are very good to small kids. As the child grows, even up to the teenage and puberty, listening of music & songs increases according to his or her choice.
  • You as a parent should make arrangements at your home so that your child can listen to music at least once during the day. Speakers can be got fitted near the ceiling so that soothing tones of music fall in the tender ears of your child on a regular basis. Music has also been shown to increase concentration in kids, especially the ones who are not able to focus their mind on one thing for a substantial amount of time.
  • Even for the special needs or autistic children, music and musical toys has been proven to play a significant role for their treatment or studies.

Many kinds of warm feelings are associated with music and human life is all about warmth and love. Don’t you agree?