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Importance of Play in Early ChildhoodWhen you say all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, you obviously mean that playing is extremely important for the overall development of children. Irrespective of whether it has to do with picking, running, cleaning, clearing, bouncing or even building blocks and assembling words in scrabble, everything matters when it comes to playing.

It is imperative for the physical and mental growth of your child to indulge in activities like playing, running, hiding or even skipping for that, gives him an opportunity to mingle with the rest of his kind that teaches a lot. Social interaction counts when it comes to framing a personality. The more comfortable your child is in every one’s company the better it is for his mental development.

When your children play with you, they are also learning to be loved and that they are fun to be around. These social-emotional skills give them the self esteem and self confidence, they need to continue building loving and supportive relationships all their lives.

Singing and dancing give your child a great way to express themselves. This is yet another important way to play and mingle with the rest. Parents should encourage their little ones to move ahead in life and show their talent to all. This boosts the morale immensely giving them the strength to do anything in the world without a second thought. Hence make the most of your child’s playtime.

Play in early age

Your toddler or small kid may not be able to communicate using words, but he can use sounds, facial expressions and gestures to tell you when he is frustrated or has had enough. Reading his signals can tell you what activities he prefers. The more children practice and master new skills, the more likely they are to take on new challenges and the learning continues.

Watch your child play with a toy. It’s okay if it’s not the “right” way to use the object. Let him show you a “new way.” It’s great to show your child how a toy works, but try not to do it for him every time. Providing just enough to help keep frustration at bay motivates your child to learn new skills.

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