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It has been seen many a time that summer camps are not on the priority list of parents as far as spending quality time during summer vacation is concerned. In reality, a summer camp can provide much to your child than you ever anticipated.

First of all, a summer camp means that your kids get in contact with nature. Mother nature surely has a benign effect on his senses, creativity and general learning. The practical knowledge that a child gains from a summer camp can never be compensated even if he remains glued to educational programs on the TV for hours together.

A child gets a chance to get out of the ‘protected’ and sometimes ‘overprotected’ environment of his home and this gives him a chance to face and overcome new challenges and difficulties. He learns to interact with others and his confidence level gets a boost up. He is able to deal with situations that demand social skills as well as communication abilities.

At a summer camp your kid has to do difficult and sometimes strenuous physical activities and these help in the health growth of his body. He becomes physically active and this habit stays with him for a long time to come. In today’s time every activity that we indulge in has some ‘end’ as its aim. At a summer camp your child would be able to do such activities as are liked by him as there would be no kind of pressure on him of ‘defeating others’.

Kids will also get a good dose of ‘emotional learning’. For children summer camps are full of escapade and adventure. In the company of the children of the same age group, children learn many new things. If the child is sailing a boat with the help of other camp mates, he learns the value of teamwork. If the boat is going in the right direction with their combined efforts, children will get right type of feedback. In campfire, children sing, dance and enjoy their meals. They play many things during summer camps. Hunting, sailing, hiking and many other games make their camp a mountain of fun.

Summer camps are the latent learning method of teaching children hard work, teamwork and of preparing them to face difficult situations with courage. Children even do not realize that they are learning above-mentioned things because they do everything as fun activities.

Parents must send children in summer camps to teach children to communicate and adjust with unknown persons and circumstances. But one thing should be kept in mind about the security of the child when you send him on a camp. Assure that your child is going in the company of responsible guides. You should also provide good quality camp material to your child. A petite negligence can convert these fun camps into tragedy. As a parent it is your duty to make sure the security of your loved one.