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A healthy baby is the dream of everyone’s life. It is the desire of every parent to provide everything best of the world to his little champion. There are many toys of different qualities and different price tags available in the market. But it is a scientific fact that plastic toys no matter of how good quality they may be are harmful for your champion. In the early age a child who is on teething always puts everything in his mouth around him.

It is a common tendency that children love to suck their toys. The harmful pesticides and colors can make him sick and prone to diseases. As a parent it is your duty to provide safe toys to your child because a child is unaware about these safety points. Many parents show their concern about this problem but complain that they don’t have choice. Now, you definitely have choice. You should switch to organic toys for your little angel.

Organic or eco friendly natural toys are a good choice for the protection of health of your child. These toys are also environment friendly too. The material used to manufacture organic toys is also formed on ethical grounds. Organic toys not only cherish your child but they also help our Earth because of absence of toxic elements and pesticides in them.

Organic toys are formed by organic wool, organic cotton, organic wood and organic plastic. All these things can be recycled after use. Organic toys are also safe for the cotton farmers because they are not under compulsion to use toxic elements for producing non-organic cotton. These chemicals not only pollute the fields but also the under ground water and air.

Organic toys are good for the environment and for the pocket of the parents too because these toys are not much expensive. Organic blocks, jigsaws, horcews baby walker etc. are readily available. Make sure that all the material used in manufacturing of these toys should be organic, natural and non-toxic .

Governments approve organic and natural toys. These toys are safe for the health of your little one.  There is a lot of variety in the market of organic products owing to increased competition. You can buy organic beds, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpastes and many more.  Organic toys are soft, cozy and easy to handle. You can clean organic toys easily at home. The edges of these toys are not hard. Organic toys are specially designed to protect the health of your child.

Many critics are of the view that organic toys are not environment friendly because the growth of organic cotton requires much water. But the benefits of organic cotton are too many that this criticism proves inconsequential. You should be very careful when you are purchasing organic toys for your child. Toys should certainly be government certified and truly organic. Don’t ever use chemicals to clean these toys.