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It is often said that it is difficult for the working parents to bring up a child. This is a true statement, as both work in office and bringing up a child, are full time activities. You can’t be successful in office if you are not devoting full time, similarly you cannot bring up a child if not properly attended to. Children of all ages require the attention of parents, especially the mother.

Sometimes it is essential for both the parents to work to fulfil family and domestic needs. Utmost care should be taken that children are not neglected, because once the differences creep in, it will be difficult to bridge. In such cases proper communication between the child and parents is essential. For healthy communication the following should be kept in mind.

The foremost being, if possible, seek help from one who can help to enable you to find some time for yourself and your husband. Remember, no matter what the circumstances, never give up. Communication with the child is equally important. Whenever possible take the child for an outing, may be to some public place, or take him out of the home and play some game with the child, so that he understands that you care for him. Enjoy and laugh during the time spent with the child. Equally important is to have separate time to listen to the child.

Encourage your child to clear his mind with you. Ensure that he shares with you things essential for you to know about school, college or associates to enable you to judge that the child is in right company and does not need remedial measures. Keep in mind some warning signals like staying away from home for long, or not opening up with you, or long talks on phone or use of intoxicants. In the event of apprehension of any of these, remember to take remedial measures immediately.

Often, most schools have parent teacher meet, be particular to attend it and meet the teacher, you will be able to know much about activities of the child outside the home. If there are some sports or other events in school accompany the child as this will keep the communications open.

You may have problem in office but never show your frustration or office difficulty to your child. Also do not expect him to be perfect in everything and do not scold him for slightly lesser marks. However, if there is drastic fall, deal with him firmly.

With the advancement in communication and freely availability of internet, ensure to see which sites he is opening. Though a lot of information is available on the net but there are many sites which can leave bad effect on the mind of the child.

To sum up, it is essential to have proper communication, be disciplined and maintain discipline and take corrective action if needed. Never try to delay the things at any cost.