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working parents childrenOne should know how to strike a prudent balance between his work and home especially as a responsible parent. It is of prime importance to spend quality and sometimes even quantity time with your child at home for the sake of bonding healthily with them. In case you as a parent fail to have a good rapport with your children, it adversely affects their personalities, making them lonesome and quite depressed sometimes.

Spend time with your children however busy you are. This way they will also understand that you care and support them when time comes. Make sure you chit-chat with them once in a while for that is again a good way to strike a chord with your little champs. Communication always helps in making relationships work. So communicate for good!

Picnics and games also play a vital role in bringing you close to your children emotionally which is a must. Organize picnics and games for your little ones whenever time permits. Take them out and have them freak out to the fullest in your presence so that they always remember the good times you share with them and never hate you for constantly being busy like many.

Buying gifts for your children each time you can apart from buying them something on their birthdays or festivals will elate them manifold. This way they would understand that their parents love and care for them, for that is something that a lot of children misunderstand and carry on like that for years. To avoid any disconnects have your little ones talk to you about any problems they have.

Treat them as a friend and you will soon realize you have not made a mistake. Ask them to come and share their highs and lows with you so that they always have confidence in you and never lose hope ahead in life.

Make yourself approachable and friendly enough for them to walk up to you with anything and everything that they wish to share with you so that the bonding happens. This way your kids will have faith and confidence in you which will also help them become better personalities in future.

Work is worship but children are god so love them. Don’t try to be harsh and rude all the time. See if you can sort out a situation smilingly just go head on and spend some good time with your kids instead of being an authoritarian parent who has no time but only demands when it comes to bringing up their kids.