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youngest child syndrome and characteristicsThe last born or the youngest child in the family is in an advantageous position as far as the affection he get from the family is concerned. The last born child is often dependent upon siblings. All the pressures he has to face get dissipated. Being the youngest in the clan he or she gets all possible help from a large number of people living at home or at studies etc. In addition to help that is forthcoming often there are a number of people to meet with his demands and he or she gets a lot of love and affection from siblings.

As the youngest child in the family gets love, affection, support and all kinds of help from his parents and elder siblings, his behavior and  nature becomes dependent for all the needs. He finds difficulty in taking even small decisions throughout the life. They may always have a feeling of lack of confidence in taking decisions. Actually, these characteristics of behavior are commonly known as youngest child syndrome.

However, please do not jump into the conclusion that every thing about the youngest child behavior is negative, as these are the general symptoms of last born child in the family. All these facts may not be true in every person or family’s social conditions. Different families have different cultures, social status and parenting styles, so there are many other deciding factors affecting every child’s behavior. The child’s individual nature, developmental facts, education, social conditions and parenting styles are also major factors of last born child’s behavior.

Obviously, different kids in one family have different behavioral traits because of their birth order. Following are some last born or youngest child characteristics:

General characteristics symptoms of youngest child
  • When such children do not get the desired atmosphere they find it difficult to adjust to this change and often sulk for days together, as they understand from day one that they are bound to get anything they want. They are typically takers and not givers.
  • However, professionally these children may suffer. They are not as progressive as their colleagues. These people can be good routine followers and not routine makers. As they are not accustomed to handle pressures, they can be good at a place where they get orders and implement instructions and will be good as secretaries. This is in stark contrast as compared to a first born who being eldest amongst the siblings is in the habit of giving instructions.
  • If placed in the position of a manager, the last born child may not fully succeed, as in that position he or she has to face a number of challenges and issue instructions, and that is not normally his training. These children are often slow in completing their work and instead of doing it, critically analyze the work assigned to them.
Behavior in relationship of last born children when they become adult
  • Being the youngest child, they may need to be taken care of even in a romantic relationship and will need a lot of attention from the loved one. They cling to their partner and want them to drop everything they are doing and attend to them. For them no one is more important than ‘me’. To do a particular work even at home they will need full and proper instructions.
  • The first born child by instinct is in the habit of giving instructions and takes care of the others junior to him. As such relationship between the first and last born will be long lasting and smooth and will form a perfect match.
Tips for parents to avoid negative things in youngest child syndrome

As always, this is parents responsibility to take some extra care about the behavior of last born child to prevent youngest child syndrome characteristics, so that he or she:

Should not become dependent because they get done all their smallest needs by their parents or elder siblings.
Should not feel lack of confidence because they are always spared from home chores and been treated as innocent kid.
Should not have low self esteem because of extraordinary care and not been considered to bear responsibilities.
Should not be stubborn because of plenty of love and affection attaining from parents and siblings. However, the only child may also have same characteristics symptoms.

Naturally the last born child gets more love and affection, but the parents must be careful to raise the youngest child to be a perfect, strong and responsible adult.

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