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Importance of Good Parent Teacher Relationships

Your child’s teacher spends the most time of the day with your child. There is always a special relationship between your kid and his/her teacher. As a parent, it is very important that you build a good/solid relationship with your child’s teacher too. You get to know both emotional and mental progress of your child […]

Top 12 New Electronic Educational Toys for Kids

In this day and age, electronic toys are literally overflowing into the market place. It’s very difficult for parents to choose the right kind of toys for their kids. Choosing an ideal toy don’t have to be so hard now. We have listed some of the most brilliant and up-to-the-minute electronic toys from the recent […]

Handwriting Problems in Children

The level of learning and the speed of learning process differ from a person to person. Even some adults are able to pick up things faster as compared to other adults of the same age and understanding. A child may have a problem with his handwriting which could be due to difficulty to learn the […]

How to Improve Handwriting for Kids?

When a child starts to grow up, the most important thing at the back of each mom’s mind is about education and she starts making him learn some basic alphabets. Even when the child is of school going age, moms who have the time start giving a pencil in his hand to enable him to […]

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence Activities for Kids

There were times when parents were satisfied with just the performance of the child in school. If he did well in the examination he was considered to be intelligent. About twenty five years back theory of multiple intelligence was developed. According to this theory the traditional way of judging the intelligence of the child based […]

Learning Disability Child's Home Schooling

Children with learning disability are those who have difficulty in concentration on something including studies. It is observed that quite a large number of such children complete studies at home. They are not sent to school by the parents to avoid humiliation and consequent depression that the child may have to face due to the […]

Motivate ADD Child To Be Successful In School

Attention Deficit Disorder is a disorder found in children as a result of which the child is unable to concentrate on the work he is supposed to do. Most of the time ADD child is not just choosing not to do their work but they are struggling to get on track and stay there. Such […]

How Do Children Make Their Role Models ?

The mind of the children is like a clean slate. They tend to learn whatever they see. They find it difficult to stick to one thing and change the role model very fast. They get impressed and influenced quite soon and change decision. You will often find a child telling parents one day that he […]

What Are Different Learning Styles For Children ?

Different children have different levels of grasping things. Some are slow to learn but when they have learnt something they do not forget easily. There are children who are fast learners and they learn most of the things at the first reading. There are other types of children who are good at learning but tend […]