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Symptoms of Appendicitis in Children

Appendicitis is a medical emergency which can occur in a person of any age. Generally children are more affected by this problem. This is a condition which results in inflammation of the appendix. When such a condition is detected in a child it is necessary to go in for treatment immediately otherwise there are chances […]

Infant Vomiting Causes And Treatment

Vomiting is the most common health problem in infants. Either infants depending on milk or taking solid food, it is a common problem. Most infants vomit a bit after feeding. If the infant is fed too much tends to vomit. Or if the food is heavy to digest the infant vomits. If the infant doesn’t […]

Is Gripe Water Safe For Newborns ?

From generation to generation it is considered that gripe water is as important in baby care as milk. We don’t know since how long parents rely on gripe water without any question. But it’s the time when people don’t have blind faith on anything. They want to know everything about what they use. So there […]

Increased or Excessive Thirst in Toddlers Causes

Different toddlers drink different amount of water. Frequency of their water break also varies. Amount of water consumed by a child depends on height and weight of the child. Normally it should be 2/3 of the weight of the child but not in pounds, take it in ounce. As example- if a child weighs 90lbs, […]

Short Term Memory Loss in Children Causes

Dementia illness or Alzheimer are the main cause of short term memory loss in adults. It’s very common after 65 years of age. But unfortunately memory loss can affect a child of 6-7 years too. Why it happens in children, exactly it’s difficult to say. Causes Possibly some factors which may cause short term memory […]

Breast Milk Allergy In Infants

The term allergy refers to a hypersensitivity reaction initiated by immunological mechanism. Mainly three factors are responsible to develop allergic reactions: Appropriate genetic background Contact with the allergens Environmental factors A baby can’t be allergic to breast milk but if it happens it is due to the cow milk which the mother has consumed or […]

Symptoms Of Migraine In Children

Migraine is a headache but it is a severe version of it. It is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and vision disturbances. It may be genetic and, though it affects both genders, girls suffer for many more years as they undergo many hormonal changes during puberty. During a migraine attack blood vessels constrict and then expand, […]

Treatment Of Child's Minor Ailments At Home

Most children at one time or the other suffer from minor ailments. The parents should keep at home a stock of some essential medicines needed for minor ailments. However, in cases of prolonged sickness, consultation with a pediatrician is a must. If a child has fever, it may be due to exposure to extreme cold […]

What To Expect After Child Tonsillectomy?

All parents hope that their child remains healthy and does not require surgery ever, but sometimes it becomes a necessity. The duty of preparing a child, both mentally and physically for surgery, falls on the parents. The child will be traumatised no doubt, your explanations and calming presence notwithstanding. A surgery often necessitated in young […]