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Top 15 Good Parenting Tips

Have you thought of being an inspiring parent to your kids? I think many of us would have! However, we don’t really think much about “implementing the process” of being an inspiring parent to our kids. Let’s learn some of the best tips that we can do for our kids. Let’s turn into inspiring parents! […]

Discipline your Child without Yelling

Accepting your mistakes as an adult is not easy. As a busy mom, you always have numerous duties to handle at the same time. However, yelling, screaming, raising your voice or shouting at your children won’t really bring any positive results. When you panic your kid by yelling at him for his mistakes, the child’s […]

Are Kids Losing Innocence In Information Overload Age ?

Reams have been written about the innocence of children but now-a-days as you gaze into the eyes of a child, what you see reflected in them is that the babe is sizing you up. During earlier times, when technology was less advanced and sources of information rare, kids used to begin by learning from their […]

Cooking with Preschool Children

As children grow up they have a desire to learn new things. This is a natural instinct in each child and it becomes essential for the mother to help develop this learning skill of the child. Children learn many things as they grow. They start to learn to crawl, then sit and then walk. Once […]

How to Manage Multiple Babies ?

Though having multiple children at one time, may be two or three or still more, may seem amusing to others, but it is a nightmare for the parents, especially the mother. It is tougher if they live in a unitary family and there are no other members to provide help to them. With the increased […]

Cooking with Young Children

Kids get most attracted towards what their parents are doing during the initial years of their life. They generally spend most of the time with their mom and follow her where ever she goes. A mother of kids spends a lot of time in the kitchen, making meals for the whole family. The child observes […]

Personal Child Health Record

With the advancement of medical science and increased pre and post natal care being taken, the moment when it is found about the existence of pregnancy the doctor suggests keeping full record starting from the first visit. Doctors make entry of development of foetus and child and continue to maintain records of all visits till […]

Do Not Make Your Child Too Busy

As the child grows he needs more exercise to build up proper muscles and for full development of the body. When the child has come to an age at which he is able to run around, it is the duty of the parents to take her out to enable her to indulge in outdoor activities. […]

Advice for Step Parents

As a step parent you not only have to adjust to your partner, but also to your partner’s children and the ex. There are sure to be problems in the beginning because children will resent the one who is trying to take the place of their natural parent. As you get to know each other, […]