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Children Frostbite Symptoms and Treatment

Frostbite is a medical condition in which the skin and skin tissues gets damaged due to exposure to extreme cold conditions. Frostbites generally occur on the parts of the body which are exposed to the outside weather conditions, remain uncovered for a long time and also are away from the heart. Signs and Symptoms The […]

How to Treat Dandruff in Children?

Dandruff is common both in adults and children, but as per the experts and researchers, the chances of occurrence of dandruff increase many fold at the age of puberty. This problem thrives during the time when the person is in adulthood and shows sign of declining as one grows older. The cells of the skin […]

Types of Birthmarks on Babies Pictures and it's Causes

Appearance of birth marks on the body of the child is a common phenomenon. As per an estimate, around 1 in every 10 children is born with a birth mark. The birth mark may be in the shape of a small mole or pigmented area. The pigment may be of blue, green or red color. […]

Causes And Prevention Of Head Lice In Children

Head lice are a common infestation in children. They usually get them from their play mates, school friends and those employed to look after them. Head lice are tiny black or brown parasites. They suck the blood of the host. They are wingless and cling on to hair or scurry around on the scalp. They […]

Prevention and Remedies for Prickly Heat Rash on Babies

Heat rashes refer to a number of skin problems which affect a person due to exposure to hot weather conditions. The problem is aggravated more in hot and humid weather. The main cause of heat rash is sweat retention in the glands. The condition generally gets resolved in a few days on its own. However, […]

Preventions For Dry Skin In Children

Children have delicate skin which gets affected by the vagaries of weather resulting in dry skin. Skin is the largest organ in terms of surface area so it needs to be looked after well. Even when the children remain indoors during the winter, away from the cold wind, dryness can be seen on the skin. […]

How To Care For Baby Skin?

Little babies are known to have a flawless skin which holds true in almost all cases leaving just a handful of those whose kids end up developing acne very early in life due to their hormonal changes or imbalance. Such cases need to be well looked after and even treated by the right doctor in […]

Baby Acne Causes and Remedies

Babies are known for a flawless, soft, supple and a velvety skin. They are born to be held in the arms and play with their cheeks which glow once they begin having mother’s milk. Many a time it is noticed that once they are born, their skin is without flaw but within the first four […]

Baby Sun Protection In Summer

Sunburns cause skin damage to babies, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight penetrates deeper into the skin to produce wrinkling, sagging, broken blood vessels and even cancer. Pale-skinned babies have greater risk of damage on exposure to sunlight even on cloudy day or in the shady place. Sun protection is a must for babies. Use sun creams […]